The Bloggies are annual awards given to the best (and worst) blogs on the web. Since our first installment of edublogs are due this week, I thought I would point out some of you who are doing particularly good work. So, without further ado, here are a few 310 bloggie winners

Walter's entry Model Opening Entry
As we discussed in class, Walter really got this opening post right: he identifies his topic (a good choice), states what he’d like to learn about it, shows us the feeds he thinks will be helpful (more good choices),and explains why he thinks so. Nice job.
Ashley's entry Model Entry
Ashley’s discussion of bilingual education deserves recognition for its in-depth and nuanced treatment of the bilingual education issue–an issue that has direct bearing on all of our future careers. Congratulations for finding a highly appropriate topic, finding an interesting article, and responding with clarity and thoughtfulness.
Christina's entry Model Entry
Christina also does a nice job of handling her source, weaving key quotations deftly into her post. The source itself is worth noting–it’s Education Week, a very reputable resource on many pressing educational issues. Christina has also chosen a great topic: ability-based tracking.
Hilary's entry Model Formatting
Hilary does a superb job of making her blog easy to read and credible: check out the way she cites the article, provides a working link, and uses the blockquote feature to emphasize the quoted material. Hilary also has a complete blogroll. Well done.
Christie's comment Model Comment
In case you’re wondering what a good comment looks like, you can check out Christie’s response to Eli. Thoughtful, thorough, and timely. Great job.

I hope these help us as we think about edublogging, process pedagogy, and more.