For the last few weeks, I’ve been neglecting this blog in order to work on a short video entitled “Faculty on Facebook: Social Networking, Ethics, and the Academy.” The video is part of my presentation for an upcoming conference at GVSU. I’ve been working with a slew of programs (see below) but having a ton of fun. About halfway through the project, I start using Sony Vegas (as per the suggestion of Michael Wesch), which allowed me to do a few more effects, though the learning curve was a little steep. In any case, here is the YouTube version of the video, which looks a little fuzzy. You can also download a higher quality version here.

Update:After much obsessing, I fixed a formatting error this morning and have now uploaded the improved version to Youtube. Basically, some of my screen captures were taken and rendered in 16:9 ratio format and not 4:3, so there were black bars running on the sides of the video. Lesson learned.