I was going to review a few more streaming video hosts, but I found a couple of comprehensive lists that do the job much better than I would. Check out the Top 31 Alternatives to YouTube (Chaos Laboratory) and I Like Sharing Videos, which has an even longer list.

As for my own search for a suitable streaming site, I tried the basic account at Screencast.com, but was frustrated by the spotty uploader for large files and the buggy playback of anything but Flash formats (though the site does claim to support a wide range of video formats). Screencast is owned and developed by TechSmith, which does offer some really cool products (their screen capture software Snagit is outstanding), but this service was disappointing. Their tech support was dismal.

That led me to Viddler, another free service that accepts videos up to 500 MB in size (and no length limit). Viddler is basically a social network for video auteurs. The cool part about this service is that you can leave pop-up comments on videos (as in “this is a critical moment in the speech”), which could be useful for teachers in training. So for now, Viddler is meeting my needs.

ON the hardware side, I just got three packages in the mail: Adobe Premiere CS3, a Canon hard-drive camcorder with high def, and a terrabyte (1000 Gig) external hard drive. Cool. GVSU secondary English Education: If you are taking Ed 331 in the near future, you should be benefiting from all of this new stuff in your upcoming seminar.