I haven’t been paying attention to some of the recent changes in Google Reader. To me, Google Reader is much like email: I use it very frequently but don’t really notice when small features change. Quite a few things have been added over the recent months–most recently, a new tutorial that, well, is just a bit slicker than mine. Here it is:

I’ll admit that I never use the share feature on Google Reader. But it is possible to create a bundle of feeds in the following way instead of using RSSmix or a like service:

  • Add all of the subscriptions you want to bundle
  • Place them all in a single folder (manage subscriptions)
  • Share that folder (also manage subscriptions)
  • Now, an atom icon should appear on your public page for the folder. Copy and share this feed with others, and you’ve got yourself a bundle

Why is this bundling maneuver important? From my perspective as a professor, it makes it easier to share everyone’s feed. I can also bundle in a few goodies for my students that they might not have discovered on their own. So there you have it.