Over the past week or so, when I have not been playing Lego Star Wars with my son (and, okay, by myself), I have been working on the MCTE Ning, the official site of the Michigan Council of Teachers of English. I just submitted the site for an award, in fact: the NCTE Excellent Affiliate Web Site award. Looks like there is some tough competition out there, particularly from California , which has already won the award twice.

Here are a few changes I have made to the site–primping for the judges, I guess. I used two really cool sitese–Roundedcornr and Roundpic and some additional CSS code I tweaked from Ning Network Creators to give the site a less blocky feel. Learned a ton about CSS along the way, too.

I also added a couple of content pages: a map of of MCTE’s regions, a list of NCTE State Affiliates (including California), and new pages for our conferences and publications. These pages, plus an all-around clean up of site content, add a little luster to the site.

This site is also more functional than before, with a growing archive of English teaching resources and a new proposal submission form for the upcoming Autumn Assembly Conference (October 30). Online registration for this conference is coming soon, along with online membership management of our organization (thanks to Regonline).

I’m just geeky enough to get a pretty big kick out of tweaking the way the Ning looks and works. Of course, you don’t have to change anything–Ning comes ready to go for you and your students. But if you are using a Ning, like the look of the MCTE site, and want a look at the code, I am more than willing to share. That might actually make me feel good. Now, where was I? Oh yes . . . defeating the nefarious Janga Fett.