My English 384 class (Literary Responses to War and Peace) is keeping blogs this semester. Their blogs will connect course materials to current events, chiefly by linking course readings to articles they find using Google Reader. Here is the blogroll thus far:

Blogroll. To add a blogroll, you’ll need to add these links individually (under links–>add new). Make sure you add the links into a category that is displayed. This process is tedious, so if anyone can figure out how to do it more quickly, let me know.

Think I figured it out. I used the Feedshow OPML builder to create an OPML file from my above post. I just pointed the tool to the permalink of the entry, grabbed the links, and removed any link I didn’t want in the blogroll. Then I converted the links to OPML.

You should be able to add the blogroll by going to your WordPress dashboard, selecting Tools–>Import–>Blogroll and then pointing to this file. (Right click, copy link shortcut, paste into box). Select a category for the links, and then be sure your links widget is displayed on the sidebar. Should work. Update: Does not, in fact, work. Could it be that does not allow users to import blogrolls? Back to the old link by link method, I guess.

RSS Bundle. When I have the remaining blog URLS, I will use Google Reader to create a bundle (see how here), making it possible to subscribe to all of our blogs with a single click. Grab the complete bundle.