I am a big fan of iGoogle, the customizable Google home page that lets you plug in all sorts of widgets–Facebook Feeds, Google Reader, the weather, and much much more. Here’s a screen shot of my iGoogle page:

Grooveshark on iGoogle

As you can see, I’ve added a Grooveshark widget of sorts on the right side. This allows me to search for and play music whenever I boot Google. Grooveshark does let you create your own embeddable widgets, of course, but you can only embed individual playlists. Not bad if you want to hear the same music over and over again. But I wanted the full services of Grooveshark.

So, I added an iframe Google gadget in the large right-hand column of my iGoogle page. You can learn how to customize your iGoogle layout here.

There are a number of iframe widgets to choose from, but I chose one that allowed my to align the content inside the iframe to the left. Add the URL http://grooveshark.com, set the width of the content to 100 percent, and everything should work just, well, groovy.