Maybe it was the Wii. Something about the slick, user-friendly package and interface of the Wii may have finally pushed me to get a new Macbook instead of a Windows machine. Or maybe it was the disheartening prospect of another mid-level Dell laptop, running the problematic Windows Vista. Maybe it was how my old laptop crashed multiple times and slowly disintegrated over the past three years.

Or, I just want to be on the cool side of the Mac/PC commercials.

Whatever the case, I am now joining the Mac universe, pending approval by university IT. I am looking forward to really learning the operating system, which I’ve used occasionally but never expertly. I’m also anticipating iLife software bundle making video and audio production easier. I know the single-piece case will last longer and be more resistant to cracks than my current laptop. And, I’m hoping to keep all of my Windows software by running Parallels on a partition.

All that said, I hope there are a few Mac versions of software favorites I’ve accumulated over the years–little applications such as Snagit, Total Video Converter, Handbrake, Camstudio, and Filezilla. No sense switching to Windows every time I want to use these.

In any case, if you see a 1999 CR-V with an Obama sticker and an Apple icon in a GVSU parking lot, it will probably be me.