I’ve been writing these days–and looking for found documents that will become part of my multigenre book. I’m feeling just a bit more confident about the book project today, since I got a nibble from a prospective publisher. Don’t want to jinx it by sharing the details, but it would be fantastic if this publisher worked out. Okay, it would be fantastic if a publisher worked out period, but this is the one I’m hoping for–kind of the dream publisher, I guess.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for newspaper articles about major events in the Sierra Leone war. In early November, I’m heading to Stanford to look at their special collection of African newspapers. Until then, there is Google News. I had no idea that Google News, like its cousin Google Books, showed actual scanned images of newspapers. Perfect for the book (with permission of course-let’s hope the AP folks are really nice). I found this gem yesterday. Cleaned it up a bit with Photoshop and uploaded it to Scribd, a free document storage and embedding tool. Looks like Scribd and Facebook are pretty integrated now too. Cool. Results are below.

AP Article Operation No Living Thing From 1-7-99 Tuscalooso News