If you ask me, Google Books is one of the most impressive accomplishments of the giant search company. Maybe even better than Google Earth, though that is pretty cool. I love the idea that so much information is readily available–much of it for free. And now, Google is selling what isn’t for free-namely, copyrighted books. The Google Ebookstore is officially open.

I have yet to buy into ebooks–I don’t have an iPad, Kindle, or any of the lesser readers. The fanciest handheld I own is an aging iPod. But I do like one big thing about the new Google eBooks: theoretically, the books can be read by any of these devices. Google is trying to stay open source, while its competitors are pushing proprietary software and hardware. Eventually, this should give Google the edge in the ebook race, though it will definitely take some time to catch iPad and Kindle.

Google eBooks would be a great way to enrich the canon of you high school literature class–especially if you can use public domain works that are free to dowload.