It must be hard to be an Internet startup., the social bookmarking site that was seemingly rock solid, is apparently on the way out, at least according to an internal document describing the “sunset” of the once-popular service. I’ve been using for about four years, most recently with my book project. That means that all of my bookmarks would soon be lost, unless I move to a new site.

Enter Yourversion–a newer, sleeker way to keep social bookmarks. The service is free and imports your bookmarks with a single click. From there, you can organize your bookmarks with ease (a function which, inexplicably, never had). And unlike the ugly interface of, Yourversion has thumbnail pics of your bookmarked sites. You can also search for newly tagged bookmarks by selecting your own interests. And Yourversion makes it simple to post your bookmark to Facebook and Twitter. My only complaint is that the browser toolbar is a little clunky and hogs a bit too much screen real estate.

There are a few other social bookmarking sites out there. I tried out Springpad, which is a more complicated system than YourVersion, but I couldn’t find an easy way to organize my bookmarks. I didn’t check out, another site, mostly because I thought the URL would be a pain to type. And Furl disappeared long ago. So, my recommendation is YourVersion. Check it out!