While I’m taking a break from end-of-term grading, I thought I would list some of my favorite Droid apps. I’ve been a smart phone convert for about the past week, and I am a downloading fool. Good thing I have an unlimited data plan. In any case, here is a list of my favorites so far, some of which have potential educational use, and some of which, well, do not.

  • Google Maps and Navigator (free) is a great tool for people who want a limited-use GPS. Used it this past weekend driving around Chicago.
  • Google Books (free) All the booky goodness of Google Books, on a surprisingly asy-to-read screen. Read e-books or classics from the public domain. Wuthering Heights on the bus, anyone?
  • Pandora (free) Your favorite streaming music station, now on your phone. Why bother with an iPod? Caution: this one eats data plans for breakfast.
  • Grooveshark (free). Not officially part of the Droid market, this app lets you listen to your Grooveshark playlists on your mobile.
  • YouTube (free) Screaming kids? Plug in the headphones and boot up the YouTube app. Search for Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Dropbox (free) You need a Dropbox account for this one, but man this app is cool. Access your Dropbox files, download documents, and edit on the spot with the tiny, tiny keyboard.
  • Cloudprint (beta–free) Want to print from your mobile? Set up a printer via Google, install this app, and you are good to go. Not many apps allow for printing, at least not yet
  • Jambox (free) is a nice tool for guitarists. Shows you chords and scales. Does not, alas, make you better at major fourth barre chords

There you have it. At least so far. What apps do you like?