I’ve been digging into app development over the past few weeks. I do not have much coding experience, and certainly none with Java, so I’m really starting from scratch. So far, it looks like the Eclipse editor is the best tool for Android App development. It’s too bad that the Google App Inventor, a WYSIWYG online editor, seems to have one foot in the grave.

On Thursday, I’m meeting with Pete Coco and Matthew Reidsma, both library tech people at GVSU, to talk a little about application development. I’m thinking about tools that allow for easier collaboration between GVSU students, the vast majority of whom have smart phones. I’d like to see an app that lets students form groups easily, share files, and send search results (via text) to one another. I’ve seen students scrambling to write down email addresses of group members–and wondering if a group member would show up for a presentation. So, that’s one idea.

What other apps would make academic life at GVSU a little easier?