Here’s a cool tool–and proof that the spirit of Web 2.0 lives on, despite the explosion of mobile computing. I admit that when I hear about a new web-based service, I sometimes think, “Well, that’s quaint. How does it work on my smartphone?” But this one looks extremely cool.

If you’ve ever worked collaboratively on a project that produces huge files (e.g. video), then you know what a pain it can be to share those files. Sure, there are great cloud-based sync and data backup services like Dropbox, but these all involve uploading the file, sharing it, and hoping that the person on the other end is savvy enough to download it. Most email programs don’t do well with big files, either, setting fairly low limits on size and bandwidth. Enter Justbeamit.

For those of us who grew up using Napster before it was regulated, the idea of Justbeamit makes a ton of sense: it’s simple peer-to-peer file sharing, whereby one user is downloading a file directly from another user’s computer. If you have a 5 GB video file, for example, you can head to Justbeamit, drag and drop your file, and send it to an email address. The receiver gets a download link which grabs the file directly from the sender’s computer. Presumably, all this data transfer is happening in a secure way.

Check it out.