Just over five years ago, I set up a wiki at Wikispaces. The idea was to create a place where my students, future English teachers, could write collaboratively about young adult literature. Since that day, many Grand Valley students have contributed to the Young Adult Literature wiki, reviewing over 100 young adult works and graphic novels. That is pretty cool.

The site, though, was getting a little stale, so I spent some time reworking it today. If you know CSS, you can actually dress up a Wikispace pretty nicely–provided you edit your theme and not the wiki style sheet. Visually, the site looks much better now: I used Firebug Lite to track down a couple of elusive CSS tags. This is an easy-to-use tool that lets you click on an element on a page and see the CSS code that creates it. I cleaned up the logo, gave the whole site larger margins and more white space. I spruced up the logo and slid the page title far to the right.

I also divided the reviews into categories, got rid of most of the broken links. I’m going to add some additional resources to make the whole site a little more informative.

The best part of all is that while I used to pay for Wikispaces, the site is now free. Yep–Wikispaces has been giving away ad-free accounts to K-16 educators. So, if you want to estasblish a web presence for you and your students, Wikispaces remains a very good option.