Mightybell is a new social space created by Ning co-found Gina Bianchini. In my ongoing search to find a suitable replacement for the now-costly Ning, I have found few spaces that really appeal to me. Mightybell may just be one.

Think of Mightybell as a combination of Pinterest and Ning (or any other social network). You create a space, customize its look, and then invite participants via email. Participants can pin notes, documents, images, videos, or links using a dead-simple interface. Your space becomes a kind of archive of all of these posts, which can be searched or read chronologically. Users can also comment on all of the items. There is no nonsense about friending, either: all invited users have access to the same content. A mobile Mightybell app is promised soon.

For now, Mightybell is free, and seems to be designed specifically for educators looking to get outside of Blackboard or Moodle. Your Mightybell space can be public or private, easing the anxiety that some educators still feel about leaving the home server.

Check out Mightybell–while it’s still free!