Far too long since I have posted here, but I do have good news to share. First, I am pleased to report that our collection of teacher narratives, Early Career English Teachers in Action is nearly finished. Lindsay Ellis and I are finishing up the manuscript, which we’ll submit soon. Then, it will be published by Routledge sometime in 2014, depending on how long the process takes. What’s exciting about this book, for me, is that it features former students of mine who are teaching English. Our contributors include Adam Kennedy, Jeremy Battaglia, Blaine Sullivan, David Jagusch, Tami Teshima, Sierra Holmes, Amanda Brown, Lindsay Stoetzel, Tracy Meinzer, Bree Gannon, Sara VanIttersum, and Kristyn Konal. All have contributed meaningful stories from their first years in the field. I am very excited for the book to come up, and for these fine teachers (and writers) to get some of the recognition they deserve.

I’m also geeked about my upcoming graphic novels course, which begins next week. In addition to some of the usual works such as Blankets and American Born Chinese, we’ll be looking at early Will Eisner (Spirit), the infamous Frederick Wertham (who wrote about the way comics corrupt youth) and two new favorites of mine, Sarah Varon’s Robot Dreams and Vera Brosgol’s Anya’s Ghost. We’ll also be diving a little deeper into superhero comics–Watchmen and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises are also on the reading list.

Lots of fun. Looking forward to a terrific semester.