In light of several recent inquiries regarding Thoughtcrime, I’ve updated everything. Here’s all of the new information, including a link to the board game version.


Thoughtcrime is an online role-playing game that I designed for use in secondary literature classes studying the novel 1984. Played in a text-based virtual world that attempts to replicate the totalitarian regime of Big Brother, Thoughtcrime pits players against each other in a subtle struggle for survival. Thoughtcrime may be played with small or large classes, from school or home computers. Played over the Web in real time, a game of Thoughtcrime may begin at school but extend well beyond school hours. The game is currently being played in the Literary Worlds enCore MOO, a text-based immersive environment that hosts a large number of literary simulations.


Teachers interested in using Thoughtcrime in their own classrooms should first contact Robert Rozema, the owner of this blog and the designer of the game. Please do so at least two weeks prior to the date you intend to play the game, since setup and orientation both take time. To get started, you should do the following:

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