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New Look, Hyperlinking PDFS, and If This Then That

I’m trying to breathe some new life into this old blog. Maybe I’ve been inspired by some of the older competitors at the 2016 Olympics, like the 35-year-old Anthony Ervin who just won Gold in the 50 meter free style. Or maybe I’ve been missing technology a bit, focusing as I have, recently, on graphic […]

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Where Have You Gone, WordPress?

I have advocated for WordPress over and over again since beginning this blog in 2005 (although back then, I used a now-defunct engine called Blogspirit to host this site). WordPress is, or maybe was, the best thing on the market for a highly customizable, easy-to-use web site or blog. I’ve made dozens of WordPress hosted […]

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Google Classroom: Bare-Bones Course Management System

My opposition to Blackboard has been pretty well established over the years that I’ve kept this blog. I have advocated for free and open course management tools such as WordPress, Wikispaces, Ning (when it was good), Mightybell, Weebly, and other sites and services. These past two week, however, I have been taking my first Blackboard […]

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Teacher Leader Final

Make Cool Infographics with Piktochart

Design matters–more than ever–to adolescents. I have been an advocate for teachers knowing more about visual/graphic design, chiefly so they can develop more interesting, attractive, and professional looking documents. While I have no native talent for design, I know a good one when I see it, and I know a few good shortcuts and tools. […]

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Students Won’t Stop Texting in Class? Use Poll Everywhere to Put Those Thumbs to Work

While most schools still ban smartphones from classrooms, creative sites such as Poll Everywhere are providing smart, effective ways to use texting in class. Poll Everywhere, a free service, lets you design an open-ended or a multiple choice quiz and publish it to the web. That’s no big deal–survey sites have been around forever. What’s […]

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Dropbox Doubles Storage for Free

Sometimes, a little capitalism is not such a bad thing. All of the new entries into the cloud storage market have forced Dropbox to offer a little more–actually, a lot more–to keep its customers happy. Dropbox just doubled its storage for the Pro plan. For only $99 per year, I now get 100 GB of […]

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Google Gets into the Cloud

For the past couple of years, I have been using Dropbox for data syncing and file sharing. It is an elegant, easy-to-use service that has saved me on more than one occasion. Dropbox is particularly good at saving earlier versions of a file, which is great if you tend to overwrite files like I do. […]

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A Quick Way to Share Big Files–JustBeamIt

Here’s a cool tool–and proof that the spirit of Web 2.0 lives on, despite the explosion of mobile computing. I admit that when I hear about a new web-based service, I sometimes think, “Well, that’s quaint. How does it work on my smartphone?” But this one looks extremely cool. If you’ve ever worked collaboratively on […]

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MCTE T-Shirt

So, Would You Buy This MCTE T-Shirt?

After sounding off about Ning a couple of posts ago, I have had a few days of more sober reflection. And instead of searching for a new home for the MCTE network, I have decided to absorb the cost of a plus plan. There are a few benefits for doing so: Ning allows for domain […]

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Ning Blows

I like free stuff. Blame it on my Dutch heritage if you like (just don’t say anything about the World Cup) or my philosophy about the way the web should work. When I can’t get the stuff I want for free, I get a little cranky. That’s why I have titled this post “Ning Blows,” […]

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