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Facebook Fatigue Setting In

Let’s face it: when it comes to social networking, Facebook is the only game in town. MySpace and other early networks are a speck in its rear view mirror. Everyone is on Facebook: your friends, your ex-girlfriend, your mom and dad, the people you went to high school with and never want to see again, […]

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Odeo Back From the Dead?

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Is Google Facebook Making Us Stupid?

We all know that Facebook is everywhere. And most of us know that the company has been challenged on its privacy policies and it use of personal information. But sometimes I have a slightly broader concern with the popularity of the social networking giant: I think it may be dumbing down the web–and the web […]

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Smackdown: What You Know Vs. Who You Know

In case you missed it, yesterday marked the beginning of a historic partnership between Microsoft and Facebook. Microsoft launched a new service called (still in beta) that aims to compete with Google Docs as an online productivity suite. The site looks very sleek–much sleeker than Google Docs–but this is not the big deal. The […]

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Smackdown: Cloud Computing Vs. Apps

I see two real trends in web-based technology emerging. The first is cloud computing, which is the movement of all computing to the web. What this means, in economic and practical terms, is a trend away from software packages such as Microsoft Office and toward web-based applications such as Google Docs. For now, these cloud […]

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Designer Tool: Wordle

Design matters. Even for English teachers. And we have nearly endless opportunities: we create handouts, develop slide presentations, build blogs, set up wikis, and much, much more. All of this will little formal training in design. Most of us scraped by in high school with an art class or two, hardly enough training for the […]

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Michigan Loses Race, but will Grand Rapids Win Google?

Last Thursday, the state winners of the new Federal education reform plan–Race to the Top–were officially announced. Not surprisingly, Michigan did not make the cut. The list of winning states that qualified for the next round includes Colorado, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, […]

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Some of my Favorite Sites and Tools, 2009

It’s the end of the year, and, depending on how you count, the end of a decade. That means it’s time for a little reflection on things gone by. Cue Auld Lang Syne, and take a look at some of my favorite sites and services. Not all were created in 2009, but all were new […]

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Library as Social Network, Version 2.0

Yesterday, I went to the first meeting of the library planning committee. The meeting was informative and inspiring: the new library, or more accurately the Mary Idema Pew Library and Information Commons, is going to be amazing. If you have not seen the video introducing the library, it’s worth taking a look: The SHW Group […]

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More on Prezi: My Vampire Literature Course, Conceptualized

I’ve been fiddling with Prezi these last few days, and I’ve gotten to know the software pretty well. It has a few holes: it would be nice to have the “place” tool light up when it is selected; importing audio would be a plus; the line tool needs to be more sophisticated; and a text […]

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