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Some New Presentation and Search Tools, Courtesy of NCTE

I’m in the Milwaukee airport, on the way home from the NCTE conference. My stay at the conference was shorter and less involved than in previous years (fewer meetings, only one presentation, and more sight-seeing), but I still picked up a few new ideas and materials. I was geeked to buy a number of young […]

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More on the Library of the Future

I went to an informative meeting yesterday that was all about the new GVSU library. I am not at liberty to talk specifically about the tentative blueprint for the library, but the conceptual movies I saw looked very, very promising. The building aims to be LEED certified, which is not a surprise given GVSU’s commitment […]

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Seeing the Library as a Social Network

I was recently asked to be part of the planning committee for the new library, set to break ground in 2010-2011. I’m pretty excited about it. Geeked would be a better word, perhaps. In any case, a big chunk of my dissertation speculated on the future of libraries, so it’s fun to be involved in […]

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Grooveshark on iGoogle

Put Grooveshark on iGoogle (GrooveGoogle)

I am a big fan of iGoogle, the customizable Google home page that lets you plug in all sorts of widgets–Facebook Feeds, Google Reader, the weather, and much much more. Here’s a screen shot of my iGoogle page: As you can see, I’ve added a Grooveshark widget of sorts on the right side. This allows […]

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Desktops are Dead. But Are Netbooks the Answer?

Once again, my Dell Inspiron 620 has crashed. I believe this makes four times in the last three years that I have had to have it re-imaged, courtesy of GVSU IT. Not that I blame it for crashing–I use it about ten hours a day and it runs some pretty heavy-duty programs. And it’s not […]

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Coming Soon: Google Operating System

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of Google. Beyond just using the basic search engine, I routinely use Google Blog Search, Reader, Scholar, Books, Documents, and even Chrome, their newish web browser. So, I’m pretty geeked that Google is working on a new operating system to challenge industry baddie Microsoft. Apparently, this has been […]

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