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Digital Literacies Resources

My U is developing a minor in Digital Studies, and as one component in that minor, my department will likely be offering a course in Digital Literacies. This post serves as a gathering point for resources on this topic. Digital Literacy Course Syllabi Digital Literacy, Erin Dietel, Bowling Green State University Digital Literacy, Kristin Scott, […]


Blankets by Craig Thompson

Teaching Comics–A Reading List

Many of my students and former students have asked me which graphic novels they should consider teaching in their middle and high school English language arts classes. I’ve also been working with students in the GVSU MA to formulate reading lists for comprehensive exams. The result is a compilation, included below, of works that I […]

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Best. Podcasts. Ever.

With apologies to the exceptional students in previous sections of my Teaching Literature course, I would say that the most recent batch of podcasts are the best to date. When I began the YA! Cast project in 2006, my students and I had roughly the same expertise with Audacity and other recording software. Not much. […]

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Summon Makes the Deep Web Available For GVSU Students

I probably should have noticed this when it was rolled out recently, but the GVSU library now has a fantastic new database search engine called Summon, which searches several databases (more to come?) to which GVSU subscribes. The best part about it is that you can get an RSS feed from Summon. So far, it […]


Here Come the Blogroll and the Bundle

My English 384 class (Literary Responses to War and Peace) is keeping blogs this semester. Their blogs will connect course materials to current events, chiefly by linking course readings to articles they find using Google Reader. Here is the blogroll thus far: Brennden Brian Chelsea Christopher B Chris V Chris W Drew Haley Jennifer Joe […]


Twitter Widget Adds Real-Time to Class Ning

Here is an interesting addition to any Ning being used for academic purposes: add a Twitter widget so students can tweet about the course. How does it work? First, just pick an appropriate hashtag to use for your course. Mine is #vamplit. Anytime anyone (including non-students) tweets using #vamplit, the tweet will show up twitter […]

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Book Glutton Worth Talking About

Just heard an interesting NPR review of the site Book Glutton. The idea here is pretty cool: you can chat with other readers as you read texts (all public domain), or leave a short comment on a select passage. Think social networking meets Kindle. This might have some pretty interesting applications in my literature and […]

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Twitter: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

I have been thinking a lot about Twitter recently: it is hardly possible to avoid all of the media hype on the microblogging service these days. I particularly enjoy it when otherwise fusty mainstream newscasters mention their twitter handle in a routine broadcast (ooh, yes, I do want to follow Dan Rather!). Still, with all […]

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Neil Gaiman on Colbert Report

If you missed it last night, Young Adult author Neil Gaimon was a guest on the Colbert Report. Colbert must have a taste for young adult literature, since Sherman Alexie was also a recent guest on the show. The interview (Gaimon begins at about the 15 minute mark) is typical Colbert, but it does get […]


Small Glitch in NetLibrary

I am all for electronic texts, use them heavily in my courses, and even promote NetLibrary, one of the electronic text databases to which GVSU subscribes. I was pretty surprised, however, when I learned last semester that NetLibrary only allows one user at a time to check out an electronic book. What’s the use of […]


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