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This Week in Blogging

ED 331 Jared wrote an insightful response to Burke’s second chapter (Thinking About Teaching and Learning). What I like about Jared’s piece is that it goes beyond summary to ask some critical questions about two key ideas Burke presents: construction and negotiation. I guess the balance will come in being able to encourage students to […]


Blogrolls and Portfolios

English 310 students, Notice the 310 blogroll in the left-hand column. You need to add this list to your own blog by next week. To do this, select “lists” from the dashboard and add the links one by one. Be sure each URL is correct–some urls differ slightly from their titles. You should also create […]


Student Webquests

The following WebQuests were created in the fall of 2004 by ENG 311 students. Dreamtime: A Ninth Grade English Language WebQuest Welcome to West Egg: Becoming the Perfect Citizen in Gatsby’s World Disturbing the Universe: The Power of the Individual Exploring the Emotions of War Exposing The Infamous Jim Crow: A News Team 4 WebQuest […]


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