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Possible Podcast Project

I’m a little behind the times, but I finally listened to Season One of Serial, the wildly popular Sarah Koenig podcast about the murder trial of Adnan Syed. I’m not going to weigh in on his guilt or innocence, but listening to such a well-done podcast has got me thinking, again, about the viability of […]


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How to Create and Share an Interactive PDF

For now, at least, PDF is still the king of digital document formats. Even with its limitations (such as fixed screen width), it can be read in the widest range of platforms–it will work in your your browser, your media tablet, and your ereader. Adding interactive or multimedia content to a PDF, however, is still […]

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Brainstorm: Educational Uses of Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the coolest new readers for media tablets. It is, in essence, a replacement for web-based RSS aggregators such as Google Reader, now defunct. Flipboard lets you subscribe to a range of digital content, including Twitter and blog feeds, Facebook news feeds, media outlets that export to Flipboard format (such as the […]

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Bent Not Broken–Reflections on the End

I just received word from iTunes that my third and final version of Bent Not Broken has just been approved. This marks the end of a long, long journey with the text, beginning in 2009 with the concept of the project, which was originally intended for print. After a year of writing and research, I […]

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Photo Apr 13, 3 11 12 PM

Update: Bent Not Broken, Version 1.1, Now Available Free

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And the Winners are: Adobe InDesign CS6 and iPad 2

To update the post below, I’ve decided on both ebook hardware, software, and format. This was no easy task–there are dozens of hardware options out there, nearly as many software programs, and at least a handful of possible publishing locales, each with its own proprietary format. For converting my print manuscript to a digital format, […]

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Reflections on Seven Years of Videotape

About seven years ago, I started videotaping my teacher assistants in their field placements. The idea was pretty simple: let novice teachers watch themselves and learn. Carrying out the idea was not as easy, however. Initially, I purchased 2 tape-driven camcorders (Mini DV), a PC with a big harddrive, and some video editing software. I […]


How I Roll, Music-Wise

The cloud–or the portion of the web devoted to online storage and computing–is supposed to make things simple. And by and large, it does. I love Dropbox, as many of my posts here will attest. As far as music goes, however, there is not a single solution with the elegance of Dropbox. Ideally, I would […]

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The Most Artistic Video Game Ever: Now Only $3.99

This past week, I’ve been playing one of the most critically acclaimed game of all time–Jonathan Blow’s Braid, an indie game with gorgeous aesthetics and a compellingly unconventional plot. I will confess my ignorance of this game until now: it was only the recent Atlantic Monthly article on Blow’s newest project, the forthcoming Witness, that […]


Online Convert

Work with Video? Check out Two Great Free Sites

Online video is a mess. The video tag in HTML5 could help to clear things up, eventually, but there is no single dominant format for online videos. Every company has its own format/codec, and every browser has its own set of plugins to play these. And as we know from the mobile wars, not all […]


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