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Use Visual Mess to Clean Up your Materials


It’s Life, Jim, But Not As We Knew It: Odeo Goes Corporate

The one-time consumer-driven media site Odeo has gone corporate. Used to be that users could record and publish podcasts at the site, even export them to iTunes. Then Odeo disappeared for a long, long time. All of the podcast episodes my class recorded and syndicated through iTunes were suddenly gone. Poof. No explanation except a […]

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HTML5 is Making Video Easier, at Least a Little

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on HTML5, the new version of HTML currently underdevelopment, you might be interested in this cool project created by Google and Arcade Fire (my new favorite band). The project is called The Wilderness Downtown and is meant to show off HTML5’s new video tag. Just enter your zip code […]


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Odeo Back From the Dead?

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Use Viddler and Ning to Embed Private Video in a Private Network

I have been interested in web video for the past five years or so–and those years have seen a huge number of changes, as popular formats have come and gone (remember Real Player?), as YouTube exploded, and as the web as a whole got much, much faster. I have been searching for the ideal way […]


Video Games Go to Hell

I’ve been interesting the link between gaming and reading for some time now. So, I’m always interested when games that are based on literary classics come out. The latest venture into this area is Dante’s Inferno by Electronic Arts. NPR covered the development of this game a few days ago, perhaps to ease the consciences […]



Turn Your Computer into a Streaming Media Server with Orb

Video is hard. Okay, pointing a camcorder at your nephews as they open yet another Star Wars Lego set is not hard. It’s what you do afterwards that gets challenging. In days before hard drive camcorders, you had to transfer your footage to your computer in real time, typically from a small tape called a […]


Best. Podcasts. Ever.

With apologies to the exceptional students in previous sections of my Teaching Literature course, I would say that the most recent batch of podcasts are the best to date. When I began the YA! Cast project in 2006, my students and I had roughly the same expertise with Audacity and other recording software. Not much. […]

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More on Prezi: My Vampire Literature Course, Conceptualized

I’ve been fiddling with Prezi these last few days, and I’ve gotten to know the software pretty well. It has a few holes: it would be nice to have the “place” tool light up when it is selected; importing audio would be a plus; the line tool needs to be more sophisticated; and a text […]

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Xtranormal Video Makes Directing Easy

I just checked out Xtranormal Video (thanks Tami), a new site that makes machinima very simple. Just sign up for a free account, and you’re an instant auteur. I created the following movie in about fifteen minutes, though the rendering process took about twice that long. Notice the camera angle changes, the facial expressions of […]

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