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GoogleLitTrips Uses Google Earth to Place Literary Settings

One of the best parts about going to a good conference is coming home with new ideas–and new online resources. I hadn’t heard of Google Lit Trips before Saturday’s Bright Ideas Conference, even though it uses a popular web-based application (Google Earth) to help students understand literary texts. If you haven’t used Google Earth yet, […]

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New Media Tools: Screentoaster and the Levelator

Over the past few years, I have made a few screencasts–short movies of my computer screen, taken as I explain a particular application. You can see my screencast of Google Reader here, for example. I have also incorporated screencasts into longer videos, like my examination of Faculty on Facebook (also here). I used free tools […]



More Cloud Computing: Switching from Live Mesh to Dropbox

Ah Live Mesh. Grand concept. Not so good in practice. I’ve been a big fan of Microsoft’s Live Mesh since it came out in beta earlier this year. I love the way it syncs multiple computers seamlessly, and I love being able to get to my data from anywhere. All of this for free–if you […]

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Video and the Web: Hardware and Software

A number of former students have asked me for advise on student-produced video projects. Most of their questions are on the technical side–what format to use, what software, and what video camera. I have been interested in video production for some time now, and am very close to asking students to keep vlogs (video blogs) […]


More Video News

I was going to review a few more streaming video hosts, but I found a couple of comprehensive lists that do the job much better than I would. Check out the Top 31 Alternatives to YouTube (Chaos Laboratory) and I Like Sharing Videos, which has an even longer list. As for my own search for […]


Streaming Video Services: A Review

Over the past few years, I’ve been looking for a convenient and inexpensive host for streaming video files. I have experimented with quite a few options without really finding the ideal service. The grant for the streaming video project has given me a reason to explore a few options–and hopefully, but into a service that […]


Kids Play Games Online? Who Knew?

Over the past few years, I’ve been refurbishing and redistributing computers (mostly laptops) that the university no longer needs and generously donates to good causes. A few weeks ago, one of the donated machines came back to me. Its owner, a 16-year-old girl, reported some problems with the operating system. I booted it up and […]


Faculty on Facebook

For the last few weeks, I’ve been neglecting this blog in order to work on a short video entitled “Faculty on Facebook: Social Networking, Ethics, and the Academy.” The video is part of my presentation for an upcoming conference at GVSU. I’ve been working with a slew of programs (see below) but having a ton […]


New Year, New Realization: Google Video Still Exists

I’ve been searching for a streaming host for the videos and screencasts I produce. YouTube is fine for most of my stuff, but occasionally I run up against its size limit (100 MB) or length limit (10 minutes). So, I’ve tried a few different options, including DivShare, which didn’t seem to handle all of the […]


Creative Commons and Podcasting Music

One of the coolest parts of NCTE was running the ACE workshop for another year. ACE (The Assembly on Computers in English) is a great organization of English teachers/professors geek types like me who get together every year to share the latest technology tricks and tips with their like-minded peers. This year, I presented on […]

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