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My iPod

After a long debate, I have finally succumbed and purchased an iPod. It’s not that I didn’t want such a sleek and shiny toy–who wouldn’t?–but I could never quite figure out what to do with one. I’m pretty content owning and listening to CDs, despite their bulky packaging, and I’ve never been into listening to […]


Vlogging in Teacher Education

Imagine you are a pre-service teacher. Once a week or so, you tape yourself teaching–perhaps a few minutes, perhaps an entire period. You then upload your video to a private and secure server, which your classmates and your professor access to watch and critique your performance. Sound horrifying? Helpful? Whatever the case, vlogging seems to […]


United Streaming and More

My wife, Lisa, is currently working on an interesting project. Grand Rapids Christian High School Online is paying her to convert an existing course (Modern Fiction) into an online course through Blackboard, to which GRCHS subscribes. Other GRCHS teachers are converting courses in their disciplines. Lisa will teach the online course during the winter semester. […]


Birth of the Vlog? Google to Start ‘Video Blogging’

From BBC News Google to start ‘video blogging’ Search engine firm Google is to begin an experiment in “video blogging”, according to co-founder Larry Page. Mr Page told a conference in San Francisco that the company would be archiving people’s video clips, starting in the next few days. The move to let people upload video […]

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