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Baby Update

3/18/05 We’re still hanging in there–and so is the baby. As of today, he is officially overdue. I have been passing the time by working on my blogging article, which I’ll post here eventually, and updating the look of this site. 3/15/05 Two more days, a few more false starts, but nothing that made me […]


MIT Team Creating $100 Laptops

MIT team creating $100 laptops From eSchool News staff and wire service reports March 14, 2005 Three researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have embarked on an ambitious plan to close the global digital divide: They’re recruiting corporate partners to join MIT in designing and mass-producing basic, durable laptops costing $100 or less that […]


Interactive Blogs Change Class Participation

From an article by Susan Kinzie of the Washington Post, 3/11/05 Blogs already have seeped into everyday life on campus. At Johns Hopkins, two juniors just set up a service for students and faculty to start their own blogs. Georgetown University tinkered with software to make it easy for professors to create blogs. There are […]

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High Schools Are 1.0 in a 5.0 World, Gates Says

High Schools Are 1.0 in a 5.0 World, Gates Says By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar Times Staff Writer February 27 2005 WASHINGTON — Addressing the nation’s governors, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates delivered a scathing critique of U.S. high schools Saturday, calling them obsolete and saying that elected officials should be ashamed of a system that leaves millions […]

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The Gates Speech

Here’s a big chunk of the Gates speech. Full text is available at the National Governor’s Association Site. Training the workforce of tomorrow with the high schools of today is like trying to teach kids about today’s computers on a 50-year-old mainframe. It’s the wrong tool for the times. Our high schools were designed fifty […]


Telephone Man Controversy

In case you haven’t been following the story, a Grand Rapids Public School teacher has recently been reassigned after reading “Telephone Man,” a short story by YA author Chris Crutcher, aloud to her middle school class. From a Grand Rapids Press Editorial by Susan Collins Thoms: Imagine you’re a middle-school teacher in a class full […]


New Teachers and Parents

An excerpt from a Time magazine cover story (February 21, 2005): Ask teachers about the best part of their job, and most will say how much they love working with kids. Ask them about the most demanding part, and they will say dealing with parents. In fact, a new student finds that of all the […]

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