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Update: Bent Not Broken, Version 1.1, Now Available Free

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Bent Not Broken

Bent Not Broken Now Available at App Store

I am very pleased to announce that my interactive ebook, Bent Not Broken, is now available for the iPad (1st or 2nd generation) at the App Store. This interactive story follows the life of a family trying to survive a brutal war in West Africa. The war took place in in Liberia and Sierra Leone […]

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Mightybell Looks Promising for Educators

Mightybell is a new social space created by Ning co-found Gina Bianchini. In my ongoing search to find a suitable replacement for the now-costly Ning, I have found few spaces that really appeal to me. Mightybell may just be one. Think of Mightybell as a combination of Pinterest and Ning (or any other social network). […]

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And the Winners are: Adobe InDesign CS6 and iPad 2

To update the post below, I’ve decided on both ebook hardware, software, and format. This was no easy task–there are dozens of hardware options out there, nearly as many software programs, and at least a handful of possible publishing locales, each with its own proprietary format. For converting my print manuscript to a digital format, […]

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Still Waiting for the Killer E-Book Publisher

Since the fall of 2012, I have been working on a book about a family of refugees from Sierra Leone. The book is finished and has been shipped off to at least eight or nine publishers now. No one, to date, has been interested in publishing it, though I am keeping up the effort. With […]


What I learned at NCTE 2012

I have an hour or two to wait for my departure flight, and since the Las Vegas airport as free wifi and accessible outlets, I’ll spend a minute or two reflecting on NCTE 2012. I attended mostly technology sessions–okay, I attended only technology sessions. But I had to prioritize: most of my time was spent […]


Why the Walking Dead is Really a Video Game, and What Video Games can Learn from It

The Walking Dead, just entering its third season on AMC, is my favorite thing on television right now. I am not a zombie or horror fan, but I do love the way WD engages contemporary issues in an entirely original way. Its central question, it seems to me, is a philosophical one: how do we […]



The New Barrier to Equality: What I Don’t Like about eLearning Systems

Last year, I saw e2020 in action for the first time. If you don’t know what e2020 is, you probably should: it is currently serving about 4 million students nationwide, and it got its start in Michigan in 1998. E2020 is an e-learning platform that offers content courses for secondary education, including the English language […]


How I Roll, Music-Wise

The cloud–or the portion of the web devoted to online storage and computing–is supposed to make things simple. And by and large, it does. I love Dropbox, as many of my posts here will attest. As far as music goes, however, there is not a single solution with the elegance of Dropbox. Ideally, I would […]

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Maybe Sherry Turkle is Right

I am finally reading Sherry Turkle’s latest work–Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less From Each Other. Turkle’s Life on the Screen was an important reference work in my dissertation, so I have been eager to sit down with her new treatise on technology and the human condition. So far, it is […]


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