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Graphic Novels are the New . . . Books

Teaching a course on graphic novels has allowed me to spend these opening weeks of summer immersed in comics. I’ve visited quite a few comics stores in Grand Rapids. By far the best bang for the buck is the Grand Rapids Public Library, which has a huge selection of graphic novels by classic and contemporary […]


Teacher Certification Going Corporate–A Troubling Trend (Unless You’re Pearson)

Occasionally, I’ll repost articles in their entirety on this blog. I do this when I find (or am forwarded) an article I judge to be of critical importance to the field of English education. The article below, from the May 6, 2012 New York Times, details how many states are signing up for a national […]


Remixing Copyright

I have always advised my students to be extremely careful when it comes to using copyrighted materials in their teaching–whether that is photocopying texts or using copyrighted songs or images in digital creations. We talk about educational fair use and Creative Commons licensing. And when it comes time to produce their podcasts, I encourage students […]



Thoughtcrime: The Board Game

If you teach 1984 and want to try the game, you can follow the link below. I was hoping the final product would be a little cheaper (even with its steepish price tag, my profit is about $1.00 per unit sold). But I think it might be a blast for British literature students, AP literature […]

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When the Bad Guys Win: No More Ethnic Studies in AZ

A recent


My iChristmas, Or Some Thoughts on the iPad Tablet

One of my former students, now the Technology Coordinator at Meadowbrook Elementary, was kind enough to lend me an iPad 2 over Christmas break. Her name is Megan Bowen, and she is also contributing to a book about first-year teaching that I am editing with my colleague Lindsay Ellis. Megan spent her first year in […]


Digital Text Intervention with Hackasaurus

I just heard about the educational tool Hackasaurus (Mozilla) at NCTE. The tool reveals the code behind web pages–the html and css make up the text and images of any given page. Any browser offers something similar (just try viewing the source), but Hackasaurus takes it one step further: it lets you change pages and […]



What I Learned at NCTE 2011

My stay at NCTE 2011 was uncharacteristically brief–only two days at a conference that lasts almost a week. Still, I attended some valuable sessions, networked with friends, and got a better idea of how to pitch a new book I’m working on. A few random observations from my experience at the centennial convention: Graphic novels […]


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Remember When Sharing Was Simple?

Call me slow. Or call me old. But I just can’t figure out the new Facebook feed, lists, and real-time ticker. Don’t get me wrong: I understand how it works in theory. What I don’t have, though, is an instinctive feel for the new interface. Now I am never quite sure who is getting what […]

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Show Me, Just Don’t Friend Me

I’m a little behind on the news, but this Wall Street Journal article caught my eye last week. Missouri is poised to become the first state to ban “friending” between teachers and students. The law (called the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act), which takes effect later this month, restricts private online communication between a teacher […]


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