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Thoughtcrime Debut Finishes

Underground 1, Thought Police 0 The inaugural game of Thoughtcrime has ended in a way that Orwell might have approved: the Underground overthrew the regime of Big Brother by recruiting a majority of the population. The following two conversations happened in Weeks’ Junk Shop, one of the virtual locations in the game: Rutherford arrives from […]


Playing Thoughtcrime

At long last, I finally have students playing Thoughtcrime, the multi-player game based on 1984 that I designed in the Secondary Worlds MOO. The game is pretty simple–at least on the surface. It’s a sort of virtual version of the card game Mafia, only set in Orwell’s nightmarish future world. Students role play as members […]


MOOs/MUDs Not So Dead After All?

Text-based role-playing games have been around since the late 1970s. Apparently, they still have a following. I’m inspired to link to Secondary Worlds MOO that I developed at Western Michigan University. From Wired Magazine (02:00 AM Mar. 31, 2005 PT) Wired: Keyboard Is Mightier Than Sword By Jacob Ogles While 3-D role-playing games with amazing […]


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