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Three Easy Ways of Texting your Students: Remind101, GroupMe, and Viber

I’ve sent enough unanswered emails to know that people under 21 just don’t check their email accounts. Or maybe they look at them once per week. What do they check? Their phones. So some teachers have taken to texting students what otherwise might be emailed: reminders, assignments, and the like. I would recommend the following […]

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On the Other Hand . . . Man, QR Codes are Cool

So yesterday I complained a little (or a lot) about what I perceived as a thoughtless rush toward technology. Today, I’m lacing up the shoes and sprinting toward QR codes, which believe it or not, I just found out about at NCTE. Basically, a QR code is a slightly different kind of barcode that is […]

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Students Won’t Stop Texting in Class? Use Poll Everywhere to Put Those Thumbs to Work

While most schools still ban smartphones from classrooms, creative sites such as Poll Everywhere are providing smart, effective ways to use texting in class. Poll Everywhere, a free service, lets you design an open-ended or a multiple choice quiz and publish it to the web. That’s no big deal–survey sites have been around forever. What’s […]

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Developing Local Apps for Android

I’ve been digging into app development over the past few weeks. I do not have much coding experience, and certainly none with Java, so I’m really starting from scratch. So far, it looks like the Eclipse editor is the best tool for Android App development. It’s too bad that the Google App Inventor, a WYSIWYG […]

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New Mobile English Site Premier

Over the past few days, I’v been working on a stripped-down version of the English Department site that looks good and functions well on tiny smartphone browsers. It took a little doing–developing for mobile devices is still a pretty confusing business, at least to a non-tech person like me. But I have a prototype. There […]

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My Favorite Droid Apps

While I’m taking a break from end-of-term grading, I thought I would list some of my favorite Droid apps. I’ve been a smart phone convert for about the past week, and I am a downloading fool. Good thing I have an unlimited data plan. In any case, here is a list of my favorites so […]

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