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Check out Toondo for Easy Cartooning

As the graphic novel medium has grown popular, the web has kept up with sites and services that make cartooning easy. The most recent and most promising tool is Toondoo, a simple-to-use web application that lets you create comic strips and graphic novels, using the archive of characters and settings or making your own. I […]

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When Google Tries to be Facebook

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my colleague Pete Coco@GVSU. We’ll be talking just a bit about the new Google +1 service. If you haven’t heard of it–and likely you haven’t, since it’s buried in Google Experimental Page–Google +1 is the equivalent, in some ways at least, of the now nearly ubiquitous Facebook “like” button. […]

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Nostalgia for (and in) the Internet Era

Maybe it’s my looming birthday (40th) that’s got me longing for the past. Or the fact that I’ve been listening to “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire, an album (old word) that evokes memories of my childhood. Or the devastating hair loss I’ve suffered in the last decade. Probably the hair loss. In any case, I […]

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With Dying, It May Be Time for YourVersion

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What WikiLeaks Can Teach Teachers

So how does the mess with Julian Assange and Wikileaks apply to what high school English teachers are doing every day? A few obvious connections here. First, many of the works we teach examine the role of free speech in society. I’m thinking of 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World. Journalism teachers could also […]

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I Hate Twitter. There. I Said It.

I am generally enthusiastic about web applications. I have been an advocate for blogs, wikis, podcasts, digital stories, and more, both on this blog and in my academic work. You would think that I would be advising new English teachers to start writing in 140 characters–to embrace the Twitter revolution. Only thing is, I hate […]

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Cecil Green Library, Day One

I’m in my hotel room, waiting for morning to begin. I woke up at 5:00 am and now have three hours to kill before the library opens. I’ve been using the time to try a couple of tools–Google Walking Directions and Google Public Transit. These are pretty cool features that I have not used before. […]

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How to Remote Print with Dropbox

My wife’s school has generously given all faculty members laptops–and not so generously made it all but impossible to change settings, download software, or–gasp–install a new program. In a move that defies logic, the school has decided that the ONLY place the laptop should print is at school, on school printers. So, teachers cannot install […]

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It’s Life, Jim, But Not As We Knew It: Odeo Goes Corporate

The one-time consumer-driven media site Odeo has gone corporate. Used to be that users could record and publish podcasts at the site, even export them to iTunes. Then Odeo disappeared for a long, long time. All of the podcast episodes my class recorded and syndicated through iTunes were suddenly gone. Poof. No explanation except a […]

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RSS Slowing; Bloglines Gone

Learned today that Bloglines, the long-time web-based RSS aggregator, is calling it quits. This is further evidence, perhaps, that RSS itself is dead, or at least dying, as many web watchers have observed recently. MG SIegler of Techcrunch, for instance, makes this point: So while Venture Chronicles writes that consumer RSS lived from 1999-2010, I […]

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