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Dropbox Doubles Storage for Free

Sometimes, a little capitalism is not such a bad thing. All of the new entries into the cloud storage market have forced Dropbox to offer a little more–actually, a lot more–to keep its customers happy. Dropbox just doubled its storage for the Pro plan. For only $99 per year, I now get 100 GB of […]

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How to Remote Print with Dropbox

My wife’s school has generously given all faculty members laptops–and not so generously made it all but impossible to change settings, download software, or–gasp–install a new program. In a move that defies logic, the school has decided that the ONLY place the laptop should print is at school, on school printers. So, teachers cannot install […]

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More Cloud Computing: Switching from Live Mesh to Dropbox

Ah Live Mesh. Grand concept. Not so good in practice. I’ve been a big fan of Microsoft’s Live Mesh since it came out in beta earlier this year. I love the way it syncs multiple computers seamlessly, and I love being able to get to my data from anywhere. All of this for free–if you […]

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