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Create Quick PDFS from Google Reader

Despite the reports of the death of RSS (largely exaggerated), Google Reader continues to offer increasingly sophisticated tools. Here is a great one, courtesy of Lifehacker: create a quick PDF file from any article you like. Here is how it works. Just go to your settings tab in Google Reader, Select Send To, and then […]

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RSS Dead? Say it Ain’t So

This article on Techcrunch strikes me as a bit reactionary. Its author, Steve Gillmore, is making the case that RSS applications like Google Reader are fading into obsolescence because of the emergence of Twitter. The main arguments, it seems to me, are that Twitter is faster (true) because of the real-time updates (see the recent […]


Google Reader Makes Bundling a Breeze

So, this is new, or at least new to me. If you use RSS regularly with your students, you’ll discover that it is a bit of a pain to add all of their RSS feeds individually. I used to use a service called Feedbite to create bundles of feeds; when that went defunct, I switched […]


New Google Reader Tutorial and Features

I haven’t been paying attention to some of the recent changes in Google Reader. To me, Google Reader is much like email: I use it very frequently but don’t really notice when small features change. Quite a few things have been added over the recent months–most recently, a new tutorial that, well, is just a […]

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