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Google Classroom: Bare-Bones Course Management System

My opposition to Blackboard has been pretty well established over the years that I’ve kept this blog. I have advocated for free and open course management tools such as WordPress, Wikispaces, Ning (when it was good), Mightybell, Weebly, and other sites and services. These past two week, however, I have been taking my first Blackboard […]

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Google Gets into the Cloud

For the past couple of years, I have been using Dropbox for data syncing and file sharing. It is an elegant, easy-to-use service that has saved me on more than one occasion. Dropbox is particularly good at saving earlier versions of a file, which is great if you tend to overwrite files like I do. […]

Cloud Computing

When Google Tries to be Facebook

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my colleague Pete Coco@GVSU. We’ll be talking just a bit about the new Google +1 service. If you haven’t heard of it–and likely you haven’t, since it’s buried in Google Experimental Page–Google +1 is the equivalent, in some ways at least, of the now nearly ubiquitous Facebook “like” button. […]

Web 2.0

Google Enters Ebook Market

If you ask me, Google Books is one of the most impressive accomplishments of the giant search company. Maybe even better than Google Earth, though that is pretty cool. I love the idea that so much information is readily available–much of it for free. And now, Google is selling what isn’t for free-namely, copyrighted books. […]


Cecil Green Library, Day One

I’m in my hotel room, waiting for morning to begin. I woke up at 5:00 am and now have three hours to kill before the library opens. I’ve been using the time to try a couple of tools–Google Walking Directions and Google Public Transit. These are pretty cool features that I have not used before. […]

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Grooveshark on iGoogle

Put Grooveshark on iGoogle (GrooveGoogle)

I am a big fan of iGoogle, the customizable Google home page that lets you plug in all sorts of widgets–Facebook Feeds, Google Reader, the weather, and much much more. Here’s a screen shot of my iGoogle page: As you can see, I’ve added a Grooveshark widget of sorts on the right side. This allows […]

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Coming Soon: Google Operating System

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of Google. Beyond just using the basic search engine, I routinely use Google Blog Search, Reader, Scholar, Books, Documents, and even Chrome, their newish web browser. So, I’m pretty geeked that Google is working on a new operating system to challenge industry baddie Microsoft. Apparently, this has been […]

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Google to Own Orphans

No, Google isn’t getting that big: the title of this post refers to the recent Google Books settlement. According to the settlement, Google is going to have exclusive rights to resell so-called orphan books–books that are out-of-print but still under copyright. Since no publishers companies can technically claim these books, Google is going to offer […]


I’m Baaack! Google Reinstates Secondary Worlds

I’ve been wondering obsessing about my fall from Google’s graces, which happened when this blog was hacked and turned into a link farm. This morning, I am pleased to say that Google has restored my good name: this site is now the first hit yielded by the search “secondary worlds.” I feel vindicated. I’m pleased […]

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Google Books Settlement–More Texts Available, For a Price

My 311 class and I just read Allen’s chapter (from our book) on digital archives. We spent some time talking about the role of copyright in what is available online, and did a little searching on Google Book Search. We even talked about relying on Google Books for an entire curriculum. Given our conversation, the […]


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