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Photo Apr 13, 3 11 12 PM

Update: Bent Not Broken, Version 1.1, Now Available Free

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My iChristmas, Or Some Thoughts on the iPad Tablet

One of my former students, now the Technology Coordinator at Meadowbrook Elementary, was kind enough to lend me an iPad 2 over Christmas break. Her name is Megan Bowen, and she is also contributing to a book about first-year teaching that I am editing with my colleague Lindsay Ellis. Megan spent her first year in […]


Smackdown: Cloud Computing Vs. Apps

I see two real trends in web-based technology emerging. The first is cloud computing, which is the movement of all computing to the web. What this means, in economic and practical terms, is a trend away from software packages such as Microsoft Office and toward web-based applications such as Google Docs. For now, these cloud […]

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