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Writing Workshop 2011: Day Two

I’m beginning to count things. Pages. Number of pieces. Unwritten pieces. Artwork that I need. All this counting means that I am getting close to the end of this book. Today, I made a few more strides. I started by cleaning up/reworking some of the historical stuff I wrote yesterday. Then I began scouring my […]


Writing Workshop 2011: Day One

I’ve really gotten to love the GVSU Writing Retreat. It’s basically a lockdown in the writing center: 40 hours of uninterrupted time, free food, and dismal coffee to keep you going. Okay, the coffee leaves just a little to be desired, but the rest is fantastic. My goal this week is to get within striking […]


Diamond Girl: Reflections and Readings

Diamond Girl: The Josephine Tucker Story is the working title of my latest project–a young adult, multigenre work of creative non-fiction. That’s a bit of a mouthful. To put in more simply, the book (still incomplete) tells the story of Josephine Tucker, a refugee from Sierra Leone who fled the war-torn country with her family […]


Writing about War and its Aftermath: Some Early Thoughts

My sabbatical proposal just entered the final stage of the approval process, which means that it will hopefully be granted sometime in the near future. If so, I will spend my sabbatical beginning to research and write the story of Josephine Tucker and her family. As I’ve written here before, Josephine is a teenager from […]


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