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How Mac v. PC explains the world

Help Me Generate Some Data by Watching Mac Ads

Tomorrow, I’m giving an e-poster presentation at the GVSU Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium. The title of my e-poster is “How Mac v. PC Explains the World.” During a particularly good discussion in my Studies in Fiction course, my students and I concluded that the successful, much-imitated Mac ads do more than sell a […]


Really, Mac?

My English 330 class recently talked about the very popular, very parodied Mac v. PC ads. We talked about the kind of counter-culture brand image that Mac tries to sell, and some of the contradictions that image necessarily contained, given that Apple is a technology juggernaut that is dedicated to monetizing all kinds of web […]


Do I Look Any Different to You?

This last week included two major milestones for me: first, my tenure vote went through at the department level. This marks the end of a long and exacting journey of teaching, scholarship, and service to the university. More of these to come, of course, but it’s good to feel validated in my efforts at Grand […]


Mac(k)ing the Transition

Just how embedded is Windows in my cognitive process? This is an interesting question–and one that I will answer firsthand when my new Macbook Pro arrives in a week or two. I know that the right-click is a big part of the way that I operate online and offline. I may end up getting a […]


New Macbook Pro Coming My Way (Hopefully)

Maybe it was the Wii. Something about the slick, user-friendly package and interface of the Wii may have finally pushed me to get a new Macbook instead of a Windows machine. Or maybe it was the disheartening prospect of another mid-level Dell laptop, running the problematic Windows Vista. Maybe it was how my old laptop […]


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