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What I learned at NCTE 2012

I have an hour or two to wait for my departure flight, and since the Las Vegas airport as free wifi and accessible outlets, I’ll spend a minute or two reflecting on NCTE 2012. I attended mostly technology sessions–okay, I attended only technology sessions. But I had to prioritize: most of my time was spent […]



What I Learned at NCTE 2011

My stay at NCTE 2011 was uncharacteristically brief–only two days at a conference that lasts almost a week. Still, I attended some valuable sessions, networked with friends, and got a better idea of how to pitch a new book I’m working on. A few random observations from my experience at the centennial convention: Graphic novels […]


More Paranoia out of Arizona; NCTE Responds

First there was the legislation that allowed Arizona police to ask for the papers of anyone they suspected of being illegal. Then, there was the equally idiotic law barring ethnic studies in Arizona public schools. Now, the Arizona Department of Education is prohibiting teachers “with heavy accents” from teaching English language learners. In other words, […]


Some New Presentation and Search Tools, Courtesy of NCTE

I’m in the Milwaukee airport, on the way home from the NCTE conference. My stay at the conference was shorter and less involved than in previous years (fewer meetings, only one presentation, and more sight-seeing), but I still picked up a few new ideas and materials. I was geeked to buy a number of young […]

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Missing NCTE

For the first time in seven years, I am skipping the annual NCTE Conference. This year, it’s held in San Antonio, where the weather is warm–around 70 degrees. This year also marks a theme that is very relevant to my line of work and thinking: Shift Happens: Teaching in the Twenty-First Century. Scanning through the […]


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