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MCTE T-Shirt

So, Would You Buy This MCTE T-Shirt?

After sounding off about Ning a couple of posts ago, I have had a few days of more sober reflection. And instead of searching for a new home for the MCTE network, I have decided to absorb the cost of a plus plan. There are a few benefits for doing so: Ning allows for domain […]

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Ning Blows

I like free stuff. Blame it on my Dutch heritage if you like (just don’t say anything about the World Cup) or my philosophy about the way the web should work. When I can’t get the stuff I want for free, I get a little cranky. That’s why I have titled this post “Ning Blows,” […]

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Networking Saved Educational Nings

This may be premature, but it seems like the folks at Ning are listening to us. They just announced that Ning would continue to allow educators to use their ad-free service for no charge. What’s cool about this, besides the obvious fact that a bunch of my sites won’t need a new host, is the […]

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Say it Ain’t So, Ning! No More Free Plans!

Ning just announced that it is phasing out its free service in May. This cut is apparently part of an effort to retool the company. Ning is also laying off a whopping 41 percent of its employees. Ning posted the announcement in its forum: So, we are going to change our strategy to devote 100% […]

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Use Viddler and Ning to Embed Private Video in a Private Network

I have been interested in web video for the past five years or so–and those years have seen a huge number of changes, as popular formats have come and gone (remember Real Player?), as YouTube exploded, and as the web as a whole got much, much faster. I have been searching for the ideal way […]


Ning Adds Applications

I’m a believer in social networking–so much so that I think the SN model is taking over other 2.0 platforms such as blogging, podcasting, wikis, and microblogging. And as any reader of this blog knows, I have long advocated for Ning as a great social networking tool. So, I am excited that Ning has developed […]

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Twitter Widget Adds Real-Time to Class Ning

Here is an interesting addition to any Ning being used for academic purposes: add a Twitter widget so students can tweet about the course. How does it work? First, just pick an appropriate hashtag to use for your course. Mine is #vamplit. Anytime anyone (including non-students) tweets using #vamplit, the tweet will show up twitter […]

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The MCTE Ning Project:

Over the past week or so, when I have not been playing Lego Star Wars with my son (and, okay, by myself), I have been working on the MCTE Ning, the official site of the Michigan Council of Teachers of English. I just submitted the site for an award, in fact: the NCTE Excellent Affiliate […]

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One More Reason to Use Ning: No Porn Allowed

As I have written here before, I am a big fan of the social networking site Ning, which allows anyone to create a social network. Over the past two years, I have created four or five Nings, including the Teach English Network, the Shakespeare Connects Conference site, a Vampire Literature Ning for one of my […]


Ning adds Open Social Applications

Over the past two years, I’ve become a fan of Ning, the social networking site that lets anyone create a free (with ads) network for their organization or school. I’ve created a few NING networks now, including one for pre-service English teachers, for my Vampire Fiction class, and for the Shakespeare Connects Conference, hosted by […]

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