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The PRE is a Bad Test. Here’s Why.

For the past six months, I have been studying what I have facetiously named the PREblem: the high failure rate of preservice teachers in Michigan taking the Pearson Professional Readiness Exam. In October 2013, this test replaced the Basic Skills Test, and as a consequence of its allegedly more rigorous content and its higher cut […]


Pearson, Continued.

On Monday, I attended the Pearson MTTC Standards Setting Conference in Lansing today. I found the event both dispiriting and instructive, and while my confidentiality agreement forbids me from disclosing any specific information, I can tell you the following, much of which is already published on the MTTC web site. The MTTC Basic Skills Test […]


MTTC Standards Setting with Pearson

Tomorrow, I am off to the MTTC Standards Setting Conference, sponsored by Pearson, the London-based educational corporation that owns dozens of textbook publishing companies across the world. If you are teaching from a commercial textbook, chances are Pearson published it. Take a look at the list of imprints on the wikipedia page, or check out […]


Teacher Certification Going Corporate–A Troubling Trend (Unless You’re Pearson)

Occasionally, I’ll repost articles in their entirety on this blog. I do this when I find (or am forwarded) an article I judge to be of critical importance to the field of English education. The article below, from the May 6, 2012 New York Times, details how many states are signing up for a national […]


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