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I’ve been writing these days–and looking for found documents that will become part of my multigenre book. I’m feeling just a bit more confident about the book project today, since I got a nibble from a prospective publisher. Don’t want to jinx it by sharing the details, but it would be fantastic if this publisher […]


My Writing Process

Hard to believe that a month of my sabbatical has gone by. I’ve been busy writing, reading, and interviewing people for my book project. I think I’ve fallen into a kind of rhythm: writing in the morning, exercising at noon, and reading (or more likely working around the house) in the afternoon. Then a bit […]


HTML5 is Making Video Easier, at Least a Little

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on HTML5, the new version of HTML currently underdevelopment, you might be interested in this cool project created by Google and Arcade Fire (my new favorite band). The project is called The Wilderness Downtown and is meant to show off HTML5’s new video tag. Just enter your zip code […]


Sabbatical Starts Today

Today is the first day of my sabbatical. Don’t be fooled by the title of this post: I will not update this blog daily. Especially since most updates would be mind-numbing: read. wrote. thought. But I am posting today to indicate the kind of work I’ll do this semester–and to illustrate how technology has become […]


More Sabbatical Musings: Stepping Away and Into Technology

I have made a decision regarding my upcoming sabbatical proposal. What I am really interested in doing, I think, is telling the story of a family who fled Liberia and Sierra Leone in the late 1990s at the height of the messy, diamond-fueled, multi-country conflict. My church has been working with the family since about […]


Summer Vacation is for Thinking about Sabbaticals

I am officially on summer vacation: my usual spring course was canceled due to low enrollment. That means for the first time in a long while (1994), I will be away from the classroom for nearly four months. Not that there is any shortage of work to do, of course: my main goal this summer […]


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