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I Hate Twitter. There. I Said It.

I am generally enthusiastic about web applications. I have been an advocate for blogs, wikis, podcasts, digital stories, and more, both on this blog and in my academic work. You would think that I would be advising new English teachers to start writing in 140 characters–to embrace the Twitter revolution. Only thing is, I hate […]

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When Grassroots Go Wrong: Parents Censoring Books in Richland, Washington

Grassroots organizations have gained a lot of attention lately, thanks in large part to the Tea Party, though its supposed mom and pop members are often funded by corporate sponsors. I like the designation astroturf to describe this kind of faux-populism. The following case, however, might be described as a genuinely grassroots movement, since it […]


It’s Life, Jim, But Not As We Knew It: Odeo Goes Corporate

The one-time consumer-driven media site Odeo has gone corporate. Used to be that users could record and publish podcasts at the site, even export them to iTunes. Then Odeo disappeared for a long, long time. All of the podcast episodes my class recorded and syndicated through iTunes were suddenly gone. Poof. No explanation except a […]

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Ning Blows

I like free stuff. Blame it on my Dutch heritage if you like (just don’t say anything about the World Cup) or my philosophy about the way the web should work. When I can’t get the stuff I want for free, I get a little cranky. That’s why I have titled this post “Ning Blows,” […]

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