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Thoughtcrime Strikes Again

In light of several recent inquiries regarding Thoughtcrime, I’ve updated everything. Here’s all of the new information, including a link to the board game version. Introduction Thoughtcrime is an online role-playing game that I designed for use in secondary literature classes studying the novel 1984. Played in a text-based virtual world that attempts to replicate […]



Thoughtcrime: The Board Game

If you teach 1984 and want to try the game, you can follow the link below. I was hoping the final product would be a little cheaper (even with its steepish price tag, my profit is about $1.00 per unit sold). But I think it might be a blast for British literature students, AP literature […]

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Virtual Realities Still Waiting for the Killer App

This is the topic I thought I had buried when I didn’t get a small NEH grant to develop a MUVE (multi-user virtual environment) based on 1984 within Second Life, the popular but declining virtual world. Okay, I thought, I’ll stick with the MOO version of Thoughtcrime (the 1984 game I developed), perhaps working on […]


My Kind of Class: An Educational Role-Playing Game

I have more than a passing interest in the educational value of role-playing and video games, particularly for teaching literature. The fourth chapter of Literature and the Web (shameless plug–now over 300 copies sold!) discusses one game–Thoughtcrime–based on George Orwell’s 1984. I’ve been receiving quite a few emails lately from teachers interested in playing this […]


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