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Twitter On Its Last Legs?

Ignoring for the moment that blogging, too, is on its last legs, and that this blog is living (or dying) proof of that demise, it is looking more and more like Twitter is being abandoned. The Atlantic ran this eulogy for the micro-blogging platform this past summer, and other bloggers (like Bad Words) have made […]

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I Hate Twitter. There. I Said It.

I am generally enthusiastic about web applications. I have been an advocate for blogs, wikis, podcasts, digital stories, and more, both on this blog and in my academic work. You would think that I would be advising new English teachers to start writing in 140 characters–to embrace the Twitter revolution. Only thing is, I hate […]

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Twitter v. Blogging: What the Future Holds

The 2009 Technorati State of the Blogosphere has just been published, with some interesting findings. The trends seen in earlier Technorati reports continue, particularly in the demographics of bloggers. As a group, bloggers tend to be highly educated (40 percent have graduate degrees) males (2/3) between the ages of 18 and 44. Guess I fit […]

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Twitter Widget Adds Real-Time to Class Ning

Here is an interesting addition to any Ning being used for academic purposes: add a Twitter widget so students can tweet about the course. How does it work? First, just pick an appropriate hashtag to use for your course. Mine is #vamplit. Anytime anyone (including non-students) tweets using #vamplit, the tweet will show up twitter […]

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Twitter: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

I have been thinking a lot about Twitter recently: it is hardly possible to avoid all of the media hype on the microblogging service these days. I particularly enjoy it when otherwise fusty mainstream newscasters mention their twitter handle in a routine broadcast (ooh, yes, I do want to follow Dan Rather!). Still, with all […]

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