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The Continuing Appeal of the Vampire

I’m teaching a course in vampire fiction this semester. Actually, the course is called Studies in Fiction, but I thought exploring vampire literature would be a great way to raise questions about fiction–its purposes and its forms in particular. Thus far, we’ve read revenant myths, Slavic folk tales, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and a handful of […]


Just in Time: Another Vampire Television Series

I’ve been paying attention to all things vampires since I decided to base my English 330 course on the subject. So, I was pleased to hear that HBO has a brand new series–called True Blood–based on the novels of Charlaine Harris (and by the creators of Six Feet Under if you’re a fan). HBO has […]


I Come to Bite Your Neck

This blog has been pretty quiet lately, mostly because it’s summer and I have been trying to unplug as much as possible. But I’ve also been busy creating a new course that I’m teaching this fall: English 330, Studies in Fiction. The course will focus on vampires in literature, which is a fairly strange emphasis […]


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