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Reflections on Seven Years of Videotape

About seven years ago, I started videotaping my teacher assistants in their field placements. The idea was pretty simple: let novice teachers watch themselves and learn. Carrying out the idea was not as easy, however. Initially, I purchased 2 tape-driven camcorders (Mini DV), a PC with a big harddrive, and some video editing software. I […]


Online Convert

Work with Video? Check out Two Great Free Sites

Online video is a mess. The video tag in HTML5 could help to clear things up, eventually, but there is no single dominant format for online videos. Every company has its own format/codec, and every browser has its own set of plugins to play these. And as we know from the mobile wars, not all […]


HTML5 is Making Video Easier, at Least a Little

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on HTML5, the new version of HTML currently underdevelopment, you might be interested in this cool project created by Google and Arcade Fire (my new favorite band). The project is called The Wilderness Downtown and is meant to show off HTML5’s new video tag. Just enter your zip code […]


Use Viddler and Ning to Embed Private Video in a Private Network

I have been interested in web video for the past five years or so–and those years have seen a huge number of changes, as popular formats have come and gone (remember Real Player?), as YouTube exploded, and as the web as a whole got much, much faster. I have been searching for the ideal way […]


Video and the Web: Hardware and Software

A number of former students have asked me for advise on student-produced video projects. Most of their questions are on the technical side–what format to use, what software, and what video camera. I have been interested in video production for some time now, and am very close to asking students to keep vlogs (video blogs) […]


More Video News

I was going to review a few more streaming video hosts, but I found a couple of comprehensive lists that do the job much better than I would. Check out the Top 31 Alternatives to YouTube (Chaos Laboratory) and I Like Sharing Videos, which has an even longer list. As for my own search for […]


Streaming Video Services: A Review

Over the past few years, I’ve been looking for a convenient and inexpensive host for streaming video files. I have experimented with quite a few options without really finding the ideal service. The grant for the streaming video project has given me a reason to explore a few options–and hopefully, but into a service that […]


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