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What are the Characteristics of a Good Blog?

1. Purposeful Like any piece of powerful writing, an effective blog has a specific purpose. The purpose of a blog may be to offer an alternative view on an global event (DailyKos), critique the mainstream media (Instapundit), or supply specialized information to a particular audience (Slashdot). In each of these blogs, the purpose of the […]

Web 2.0

Student Webquests

The following WebQuests were created in the fall of 2004 by ENG 311 students. Dreamtime: A Ninth Grade English Language WebQuest Welcome to West Egg: Becoming the Perfect Citizen in Gatsby’s World Disturbing the Universe: The Power of the Individual Exploring the Emotions of War Exposing The Infamous Jim Crow: A News Team 4 WebQuest […]


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